Modified tool holders from ACT and Mircona

Both Mircona and Advanced Carbide Tooling manufacture a range of grooving tooling incorporating a strength of design that allows special and semi-special tool holders to be produced.

Modified tool holders from ACT and MirconaThis supplements an extensive range of tool holders already available ‘off the shelf ’ for operations such as: circlip grooving, relief grooves and ‘o’ring grooving.

Advanced Carbide Tooling supports a variety of areas such as the oil industry, Formula 1 racing teams, as well as medical and aircraft industries, with specially ground inserts that provide a wide range of grooving solutions.

Semi specials are produced from blank, with a fast turn around normally within 5-7 days and are tailor made for each customers individual requirements.

The Advanced Carbide Tooling ‘Help Centre’ is available for customers wishing to submit a request for special tooling requirements, or simply fax or e-mail your component drawing for a fast response to your problem.

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Illustration depicts modified tool holders for bearing manufacture.

Download the Mircona brochure

Mircona special tools brochure download.

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This 1.7 MB 24 page leaflet is available to download and includes the following information:-

  • O-ring and axial o-rings
  • Medical components
  • Turbine manufacturing
  • Lubrication groove
  • Aircraft fuel pumps
  • Grooving in wear part
  • Trepanning
  • Parting-off large scale components