Mircona face grooving tooling

The largest, most comprehensive range of face grooving tooling available. Features a securely held insert, supported by a steel blade for maximum performance, with a range from 14mm diameter to infinity. 

Mircona face grooving tooling

The support blade underneath the insert is key to the tooling machining smaller diameter grooves, whereas a stick of carbide has no support and can snap very easily where swarf is an issue. A flush fitting clamp that allows coolant to enter the cutting zone and importantly, flush the swarf away.

face grooving tools from Advanced Carbide Tooling

As an additional service, ACT have 30 years experience in producing either modified standard tooling, or specially manufactured tooling for areas: both can be supplied with a very competitive cost and delivery.

  • mircona_face_grooving_toolsDiameters are available from 14mm to infinity, with a support blade.
  • Blades have a reach up to 50mm as standard, with insert widths from 2mm to 12mm.
  • Depths of up to 50mm can be reached as standard.
  • Face grooves can be added along the side of a protruding boss.
  • Face grooves can be added in inaccessible areas with standard off the shelf tooling.

Challenging grooves? Contact Advanced Carbide Tooling

  • Standard inserts can be modified to customers specification.
  • There are 2300 different standard face grooving tools in the Mircona Range.
  • Specials can be made, utilising standard Mircona face groove inserts.
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