Nine9 NC helix drill

NC Helix Drills for milling, drilling and slotting

NC Helix Drills by Nine9 cut material by helical interpolation; serrated cutting edge minimizes chip length. Low spindle power is required, making them ideal for drilling material that generates long, soft chips.

Benefits include:-

  • The 20° angle is suitable for linear or circular ramping.
  • Only six tools for making Ø13~Ø65mm holes from solid.
  • Each holder can machine different diameters and hole depths, saving you tool inventory and cost.
  • There is no need to peck drill or dwell in operation, even without internal coolant.
  • Serrated cutting edge make the chips short, small and easier to evacuate.
  • Swarf and vibration problems while drilling diffcult or deep holes can be avoided.

Video: introduction to the Nine9 NC Helix Drill

Video: Nine9 NC Helix Drill technical information

Nine9 Helix Drill

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