About the ACT Group

Formed in 1984 by the late chairman Keith London and two fellow directors, Brian Cockings and John Perry, ACT started as an exclusive UK distributor for the largest single grooving & parting off system available, manufactured by Mircona AB, Sweden.

ACT Group logoAdvanced Carbide Tooling quickly built a reputation for providing solutions to a variety of tooling requirements in areas often regarded as special applications by the industry.

The cutting tool division of the ACT group was developed with additional problem solving tooling, often designed in house and manufactured in the UK, for application areas such as

Nine9 drills and cutters

Advanced Carbide Tooling are now the UK’s exclusive distributor of Nine9 spot drills, corner rounding cutters and chamfering cutters, including specifically

ACM Division

ACM is a division supplying a variety of chamfering machines suitable for large or smaller applications followed, as the ACT group developed its reputation for problem solving tooling and equipment.

Advanced Microlubrication Systems

A newer division, AML, was created to supply ‘near dry lubrication’ systems where flood coolant created health & safety issues in areas such as the ‘aerospace industry’. Specially refined neat vegetable based oil offers many benefits for the end user.

Advanced Micro Lubrication logoAML has helped hundreds of customers overcome the health hazards and production problems associated with flood coolant and greatly increased tool life and reduced manufacturing costs.

Installations include the aerospace industry where many of the toughest machining conditions are experienced and the automotive industry where costs are calculated to fractions of a penny.

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