Nine9 indexable engraving tools

Advanced Carbide Tooling are providing a revolutionary new concept of engraving tools with indexable carbide inserts.

They offer you the ability to produce high quality engraving with all materials. The latest coated carbide grades help to obtain higher speeds and feed rates – dramatically reducing your cycle times.

Nine9 Indexable Engraving ToolsMain features

High positive rake angle

  • High positive rake angle Indexable insert.
  • Suitable for engraving all types of materials, such as plastic, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Multi-side grinding

  • Full peripherally ground insert to ensure efficient repeatability.
  • It performs excellently without producing any burrs, especially in aluminum and stainless steel.

Nine9 Indexable Engraving Tools 2High speeds, high feed rates

  • Designed to run at high speed, up to 20000 rpm.
  • Feed rate 0.08mm/rev apply to aluminium; 0.05mm/rev apply to stainless steel.
  • Reduces engraving cycle time!


  • Each indexable insert has 2 cutting edges.
  • No resharpen required. Tool length is unchanged.
  • No need to reset after changing insert or cutting edge.
  • Excellent repeatability!


  • Universal for marking number and almost any character.
  • 45°, 60° engraving inserts which can be used for marking serial number; product code; dial scale; sign; logo outline and almost any character which can be created by the NC programming system.

Video: Application of Nine9 indexable engraving tool

Download Nine9 brochures

Nine9 engraving tools.

Nine9 engraving tools »

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  • Holder information
  • Insert options
  • Cutting data
Width and depth chart »

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How to use Nine9 engraving tools »

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