New corner rounding tools from Nine9

Corner rounding tool holders

Small diameter rounding tools

Since the recent launch of its series of corner rounding cutting tools, Nine9 has witnessed phenomenal demand levels as well as requests for extended dimensions.

Listening to the market and conducting extensive R&D work has now seen the market-leading manufacturer develop its existing range to incorporate small diameter rounding tools.

Until now, the Nine9 corner rounding tools available in the UK from Advanced Carbide Tooling (ACT) were offered from 1 to 6mm diameters in 0.5mm increments. However, the prominence in micro manufacturing and end users demanding impeccable precision levels, Nine9 has now extended the range to incorporate diameters from 0.5 to 1mm in 0.01mm increments. This new corner rounding range offers precision and form diameters smaller than anything from alternate vendors.

Outstanding performance and tool life

The exciting corner rounding cutters consist of a P35 carbide insert that is TiN coated to deliver outstanding performance and tool life when machining carbon, alloy, stainless, high alloy and hardened steels, cast iron, aluminium and aluminium alloys, brass, copper and bronze. As well as providing a grade capable of such diversity, the Nine9 corner rounding range has up to four cutting edges on each insert that reduces the cost per insert for the end user. Furthermore, the inserts can be used for front and back chamfering operations to improve process capabilities and reduce tooling inventory.

Rigid and robust inserts

nine9 corner rounding tooling boxDespite the intricate forms and geometries on the small inserts; the inserts for the Corner Rounding Series are 4mm thick to deliver rigidity and robustness that extends tool life and surface finishes on all material types. Furthermore, the precision ground insert delivers exceptional accuracy and also gives high precision location in the insert seat to enhance repeatability and accuracy when changing over inserts.

The toolholders for the Corner Rounding Series range from 6mm to 25mm shank diameter and with reaches up to 150mm as standard for applications that demand either extended reach or enhanced rigidity for high quality surface finishes. To this end, the toolholders are available with either one or four insert pockets to suit end users applications. Manufactured from a high quality tool steel, this enhances the toolholders credentials as an extremely rigid range of tools that further enhance tool life, accuracy and surface finishes.

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