Engraving tools range extended

Nine9 engraving tools range extended

Geometry and grade combination

The Nine9 engraving range now offers geometry and grade combination, to successfully engrave all materials. 

Following extensive trails and customer feedback, the Nine9 engraving tool range has now been extended to feature two types of cutting geometry supplemented with four separate application grades. This enables the Nine9 engraving range to successfully cover all material applications.

Standard geometry with Grade NC2071 is the all round combination for engraving of low carbon, steels up to HRC30 hardness, stainless steel and non ferrous materials.

Shallow engraving

A high shear, sharp edge insert geometry (Grade NC9031) is applied for shallow engraving below 0.2mm depth.  It is also particularly successful for soft work hardening materials often used in the aircraft, medical and F1 racing industries, whilst being ideal for Titanium Alloys, Aluminium and plastic.

Additionally, Grades NC2032 and NC2035 offer the ability to engrave hardened steels up to HRC56.

To compliment the developments in geometries and grades are 3 tool holder options, with a steel shank for general applications, supplemented with two carbide shank versions for extended length and reach. The whole Range is available in 45 and 60 degree inclusive angles.

A fully ground insert offers excellent repeatability, producing burr free engraving, is designed to run at speeds up to 40,000 rpm, reducing cycle times dramatically, whilst providing quality characters that have in the past been unachievable.