Mircona parting-off and grooving tools

Mircona range of parting-off and grooving tools

Advanced Carbide Tooling are the UK’s exclusive distributor Mircona parting-off and grooving tools.

Mircona offer the largest single range on the world market of parting-off and grooving tools.

Mircona parting-off and grooving tools25 different tool types are manufactured and stocked in more than 3000 different tool holder performances.

Tool holders are offered for external parting-off and grooving, internal grooving as well as for face grooving.

The tool system offers the following main advantages:

  • Simple, safe and rigid insert clamping and free chip flow.
  • Machining rigidity that allows sideways turning, profiling and intermittent cutting with impact load.

With a few exceptions spare parts and inserts are ”universal”, ie they can be used in a variety of holders for different applications.

Parting off

Up to 70mm diameter Solid Bar.

Mircona parting off toolsMircona parting off tools offer the following benefits:-

  • Securely positioned insert within the Mircona designed ‘v’ seat/inclined pocket. This prevents inserts being dragged out of position when parting off soft sticky materials that can bind behind the cutting edge.
  • The mechanically held insert also allows side profile cutting action, to add chamfers when parting off.
  • A strong  re-enforced support blade, ensures a flat component surface finish , eliminating blade wandering and  extra facing operations.
  • A selection of geometries and grades for all modern materials.
  • Parting off capabilities to 70mm solid bar, with the unique Mircona clamping system.

Internal grooving

Mircona offer a range of internal grooving tools from a minimum bore diameter of 11.5mm, featuring the Mircona designed flush fitting top clamp.

Mircona offer a range of internal grooving toolsThis allows swarf to effectively exit the cutting zone, whilst offering insert stability with the mechanically held clamping system.

A choice of insert grades and geometries is available, for the most demanding of materials.

Uniquely, with the Mircona grooving system, inserts are interchangeable with different holders, so can be used in face grooving or external grooving or internal tool holders, reducing the cost of stock inventory.

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