NC high speed de-burring by Nine9

For high speed deburring on CNC machines

Nine9 NC deburring tools feature a high feed rate for high speed de-burring on CNC machines. Being indexable ensures the relative position of deburring work.

Nine9 high speed deburring tool by ACTThe inserts

  • The smallest counter sink diameter is Ø0.5 mm, which is ideal for fine hole deburring.
  • One tool holder will accept both 60 and 90 degree inserts.
  • It uses the same tool holder as the X060 engraving tool.
  • Indexable type. The relative position of deburring depth and diameter are accurate.
  • The TiAlN coated carbide insert can stand very long life.

Nine9 high speed deburring tools from ACTThe holder

  • It provides high rigidity and anti-vibration.
  • One holder supports the entire X060 series of engraving inserts.

Video: Nine9 NC high speed deburring inserts