Special tools manufactured from scratch

Advanced Carbide Tooling are able to offer a made-to-measure option for inserts and tool holders.

ACT can produce high quality and cost-effective ‘Specials’ for both tool holder and inserts when we are unable to offer a relevant modification of standard tooling.

Made to measure tools for inserts and tool holdersSpecial manufacturing facilities are based in the UK and are also provided by Mircona AB, Sweden.

Mircona are specialist toolholder designers who due to massive investment in “state of the art” technology in DNC / CAD / CAM and robotics are able to design and manufacture special grooving toolholders quickly and efficiently.

This rapid response and delivery gives our customers a real commercial advantage in application areas of parting off and grooving problems often seemingly unachievable by the rest of the carbide tooling industry.

Ordering and peace of mind

Advanced Carbide Tooling will on request produce drawings of the proposed tooling for customer approval, before the manufacturing process commences.

The products are usually completed within four to six weeks from the placement of the order.

Cost savings

Where possible ‘Special’ tool holders are usually made to accommodate standard inserts, to reduce ongoing costs to the end user.

Illustration depicts special tool holders used for trepanning.