ACT announces ERgo monoblock systems

ERgo monoblock systems for Swiss type automatic lathe and CNC turning centres

New from ACT:  ERgo for Swiss type automatic lathe and CNC turning centres

The ERgo is a new Nine9 trademark for their ER style collet system. ERgo provides quick change capabilities, a unique tooling system for Swiss type automatic lathes and a live spindle tool for CNC turning centres.

Download the ERgo mono block systems brochure (2.5MB PDF) »

ERgo monoblock system benefits

Tool size benefits.

  • The ultrashort tool length fits in a limited space.
  • The ERgo ER16 tool has a milling cutter range from 10 to 32mm. The dimension of the milling cutter is not limited by the ER16 collet clamping range.

Easy to adopt, simple and quick to change.

  • The ERgo tool is provided as an assembled set: changing the tool takes just few seconds.
  • Thanks to the ER taper, when changing the same tool length tool, the tolerance is ±0.1mm.
  • For the first time you can use the ERgo tool length setter for checking the datum position.

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