ERgo monoblock systems

For Swiss type automatic lathe and CNC turning centres

The ERgo is a new Nine9 trademark for their ER style collet system. ERgo provides quick change capabilities, a unique tooling system for Swiss type automatic lathes and a live spindle tool for CNC turning centres.

A simple way to maximise the clamping force

An integrated ER taper-shank cutter, eliminates the need for assembly tolerance. A clamping force from the 3 parts including the ERgo nut*, the high strength pin and ER taper when the ERgo nut drives the pin to push the ERgo holder into the ER taper.

  • *M19 ERgo mini nut / clamping torque: 30 Nm.
  • *M22 ERgo nut / clamping torque: 30 Nm.

Download the ERgo mono block systems brochure (2.5MB PDF) »

ERgo power mills from Advanced Carbide Tooling

ERgo power mills

ERgo engraving tools from Advanced Carbide Tooling

ERgo engraving tools

ERgo chamfer mills from Advanced Carbide Tooling

ERgo chamfer mills

ERgo corner rounding from Advanced Carbide Tooling

ERgo corner rounding

ERgo icenter applications from Advanced Carbide Tooling

ERgo i-Center

ERgo cutting tool collet and nut from ACT

ERgo cutting tool, collet and nut

ERgo monoblock system benefits

Tool size benefits.

  • The ultrashort tool length fits in a limited space.
  • The ERgo ER16 tool has a milling cutter range from 10 to 32mm. The dimension of the milling cutter is not limited by the ER16 collet clamping range.

Easy to adopt, simple and quick to change.

  • The ERgo tool is provided as an assembled set: changing the tool takes just few seconds.
  • Thanks to the ER taper, when changing the same tool length tool, the tolerance is ±0.1mm.
  • For the first time you can use the ERgo tool length setter for checking the datum position.

Excellent repeatability, reducing changeover time time.

  • The indexable insert provides the dual benefit of saving tool changing and tool length setting times.

Increase tool rigidity and life.

  • The center coolant is directed at the cutting edge.
  • The tool is pre-balanced, ready for high speed machining.
  • An increased tool like of 3 – 5 times is possible.

Tool length setter for your option.

  • A simple tool length setting either on Swiss type automatic lathes or CNC turning centres.