AML – metalworking lubrication specialists

For over 20 years AML (part of the ACT Group) has helped hundreds of customers overcome the health hazards and production problems associated with flood coolant and greatly increased tool life and reduced manufacturing costs.

Installations include the Aerospace Industry where many of the toughest machining conditions are experienced and the Automotive Industry where costs are calculated to fractions of a penny.

Health and Safety

Issues are greatly improved using a non-toxic, non-hazardous lubricant supplied with these retrofit units. The environmentally friendly vegetable based oil is dispensed in microscopic heavier than air droplets directly to the cutting point, where it is consumed during the machining operation leaving a clean dry working area and components. Formation of mist and odours often associated with flood coolant in workshops are avoided giving healthier and safer working conditions.

Microlube lubrication systems

AML Microlube metalworking lubricationThese are designed for both metal cutting and metal forming operations. They effectively replace conventional flood coolant systems by offering high quality lubrication, in microscopic amounts, that is totally consumed during the operation.

These retrofit units are individually tailored for each customer’s requirements, delivering the lubricant economically, directly to the point it is required. This will greatly reduce costs by increasing productivity, whilst eliminating the increasing expense of disposal costs and decreasing machine down time for maintenance and cleaning. Find out more about AML Microlube….


AML Safecut - the most advanced metalworking lubricantSafecut is a well proven vegetable based fully biodegradable lubricant, that has been tested in the toughest conditions associated with high performance metal cutting and machining.

It gives higher operating efficiency, resulting in longer tool life and better performance with both hand and machine operations. Find out more about AML SafeCut