Mircona range of parting-off and grooving tools

Mircona carbide cutting tools – same insert, many operations!

Mircona offers tool holders for External, Internal and Face Grooving operations, that all have the same pocket location, to accept the same insert size. This interchange ability gives Mircona’s customers a real saving in stock inventory.

The unique flush fitting clamp allows coolant to wash away swarf from the cutting zone.

There are 16 different insert geometries plus a selection of grades and coatings to suit the full range of modern material requirements.

external internal and face grooving tooling

Mircona’s unique clamping system

The flush fitting clamp design enables coolant/oil to reach the cutting zone and helps to effectively wash away the swarf.

The insert sits securely in an inclined ‘v’ pocket, the clamp dovetails the insert into position. This prevents the insert from being grabbed by the material when retracting from the groove

Whilst the strong insert location allows side turning and profiling throughout the range.

mircona cutting tool clamping system

The Mircona product range

The extensive product range includes:-

face grooving tooling by mircona from ACTFace grooving tools
The largest, most comprehensive range of face grooving tooling available. Features a securely held insert, supported by a steel blade for maximum performance, with a range from 14mm diameter to infinity.

Parting-off and grooving tools
Mircona offer the largest single range on the world market of parting-off and grooving tools. Mircona Parting off and grooving tools. 25 different tool types are manufactured and stocked in more than 3000 different tool holder performances.

Slot and groove milling toolsSlot & groove milling tools 
A complete range of slot and groove milling cutters are offered by Mircona to cover most machining operations performed by these tools. The Mircona slot milling cutter is used for deep grooving or cut-off.

Modified grooving inserts 
Within the Mircona range grooving inserts are geometries and styles that can be modified from standard to produce semi special designs specific to customers’ requirements.

Special purpose tooling 
Special tools manufactured in accordance with customers’ requirements and instructions – Advanced Carbide Tooling can provide specially adapted Mircona tool holders and inserts for most machining applications.

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