Mircona special purpose toolingMircona special purpose tooling

Special tools manufactured in accordance with your requirements and instructions – Advanced Carbide Tooling can provide specially adapted Mircona tool holders and inserts for most machining applications.

To save time and cost, the extensive Mircona range of standard cutting tools is utilised, which with as few modifications as possible.

adapted Mircona tool holders and insertsThey are converted into the precise special purpose tool that you require – a solution to your machining problems.

There is a special Mircona tool for every application:-

  • O-ring and axial O-ring
  • Medical components
  • Turbine manufacturing
  • Lubrication grooving
  • Bearing manufacture
  • a special Mircona tool for every applicationFace grooving in pump components
  • Thread in pump coupling
  • Aircraft fuel pumps
  • Grooving in wear parts
  • Trepanning
  • Parting-off large scale components.
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