Nine9 3xD Super Drills

Advanced Carbide Tooling are the UK’s exclusive distributor of Nine9 3xD Super Drills.

Diameter range: 10mm – 30mm.

Nine9 3xD Super DrillsMain features

  • Smallest indexable drill from diameter 10 mm, 3xD
  • Dual relief angle insert, maximum feed rate is possible
  • Unique design of the central and peripheral insert position; the cutting chips are divided into more pieces, making swarf excavation more efficient
  • The central insert and peripheral insert are identical, therefore insert costs are less and stock management is easier
  • Better surface finish, better form accuracy.


  • Nine9 3xD Super Drills 2K20F grade carbide insert, fully ground, multi-layer TiAIN coated, universal type for all kinds of materials
  • Fine lapping on the cutting edge, good chip breaking condition
  • Patented dual relief angle insert
  • Primary relief angle: 7˚ for increasing toughness of the cutting edge
  • Secondary relief angle: 11˚ for increasing axial feed rate
  • Square insert with 4 cutting edges meaning lower cost!

Insert position

  • Thanks to the specially arranged insert position, the cutting chips will be split into more pieces for optimised cutting chip removal flow.
  • The cutting edge of the insert is nearly perpendicular to the axial line, minimising the lateral cutting force. It helps to reduce chattering even on unstable drilling conditions.

Tough body

  • The body is made of high alloy tool steel
  • The body is hardened and nickel plated
  • Two drilled coolant holes help to supply a large volume of coolant to flush out the swarf.

Download the Nine9 brochure

Nine9 3xD Super Drills brochure download.

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This 1.2 MB 6 page leaflet is available to download and includes the following information:-

  • Features and benefits
  • Dimensions and ordering code
  • Features of the insert
  • Cutting data
  • Eccentric ring
  • Applications of the drill in different conditions
  • Adjustments on the CNC lathe.