Nine9 10xD Super Power Drills

Advanced Carbide Tooling are the UK’s exclusive distributor of the Nine9 range of 10xD Super Power Drills.

The solution for drilling depths of up to 10xD by indexable insert.

Nine9 range of 10xD Super Power Drills 2Main features

  • 5 ~ 10xD deep hole drilling is possible
  • Patented centre pilot insert creates greater stability
  • Good chip breaker design to make cutting chip smaller
  • Optimised cutting chip groove improves chip flow
  • Lateral cutting force can be absorbed by the centre pilot insert and the specially designed insert pocket.

Nine9 range of 10xD Super Power Drills 4Patented centre pilot insert

  • Fully ground pilot insert with multi-cutting edges to form smaller cutting chips
  • The unique design of the pocket provides the best seating accuracy and rigidity of the centre insert
  • The centre inserts guide the drills to the drilling depth of up to 10xD (standard) and 12D (optional).

Nine9 range of 10xD Super Power Drills

Nine9 range of 10xD Super Power Drills 3Periphery insert

  • 4 x cutting edges
  • Good chip breaking condition
  • Cutting edge is lapped round for long tool life
  • Dia. 19-26 mm: one periphery insert is required
  • Dia. 27-40 mm: two periphery inserts are required.

Design of the chip area of the drills

  • Large cutting chip area which provides enough room for the optimised cutting chips flow
  • Minimum cutting fluid pressure in only 10 bar, making it suitable for old and new machine tools
  • The drilling length is designed from 5xD up to 10xD as standard: the optimum length is selected according to the drilling depth and the required feed rate. The shorter the drilling depth, the higher the feed rate that can be applied.

Download the Nine9 brochure

Nine9 Super Power Drills brochure download.

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This 1.4 MB 6 page leaflet is available to download and includes the following information:-

  • Features and benefits
  • Dimensions and ordering code
  • Patented centre pilot insert and periphery inserts
  • Cutting data
  • Important information