Nine9 drills and cutters
Drills and cutters by Nine9

Advanced Carbide Tooling are the UK’s exclusive distributor of Nine9 spot drills, corner rounding cutters and chamfering cutters.

NC spot drills have an indexable carbide inserts providing efficiency benefits and cost savings for CNC lathes, CNC turning centres and machining centres.

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  • Features and benefits include:-
  • Long tool life
  • Each insert has four cutting edges
  • Suitable for spotting, chamfering, grooving and engraving
  • 60˚, 82˚, 90˚, 100˚, 120˚ and 142˚ angles are available for different applications
  • Increased cutting speeds are provided by coated carbide inserts.

Nine9 drills and cutters

Applications include:-

  • Contour chamfering on a machining centre
  • Spotting, grooving and engraving on a machining centre
  • Turning, chamfering and facing on CNC lathes
  • Centering on drilling machines by PR insert
  • Centering on machining centres by PR insert
  • Serrated workpiece cutting
  • One pass and across.